I’d first like to welcome you to my blog. I am someone that plays Second Life and enjoys every aspect of it that I choose to tackle. What keeps me here is the people. The friends and family that I have chosen to be around in this virtual world have helped me along the path that I have walked throughout my Second Life.


I have enjoyed starting out as a male entertainer and moved on to a new found Gacha addiction. One thing I cannot deny, I have a problem with shopping in Second Life. My shopping addiction is what caused me to turn to blogging. Yes, I do blog, but only for people, places or things that I have come to love. This makes the inspiration for my works easier to come by.

Photography in Second Life is my hobby, so blogging was made easier. I love challenges and change and I embrace them when of course they are on my terms. Those close to me know I don’t like surprises, but I have no problem surprising them. As for my modeling, I have done open runway tryouts, for Opium Evolution, Siren Productions and The Miss SL Organization’s Mr SL 2016 competition.

In my time modeling, I have learned much and one of those things is that I’m not as patient as I like to claim to be, but who are we without our faults? There are many aspects of my time here that I keep quite private, those little moments we all have hanging out, getting to know someone new, or simply being you with someone that knows you better than anyone.

In my experience here, there is no other outlet that has kept my interest for as many years in Second Life that I dare speak of, but I always come back to it, no matter where my real life takes me.

I hope you enjoy walking with me on my path within Second Life through my blogging experiences. I make no excuses for the things that may offend some and you have just as much of a right to click off my page as I do to post on it. I hope that doesn’t happen, but always plan for the worst and hope for the best in all of my experience.




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  1. I started blogging when I started second life. Over the years it has been a great outlet for me to share “stuff”. I look fwd to reading about the “stuff” you share. Peace


  2. Stav, your creativity, joy, love of all things beautiful and/or striking, uniqueness, and ability to rise above challenges are wonderful qualities and they make for one amazing package. You are such a dear friend and I am very glad you are in my life and Lam’s, and that you are a wonderful part of our Prism family. Keep doing what only you do so well! Much love and admiration, Journey


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