NOCHE: Riley U-Briefs

We all have that bit of naughty that we will toy with from time to time, even the most conservative of us. Think of what it would be like to be wearing these Riley U-Briefs from NOCHE under your jeans or just in your bed while waiting for that liasion.

Riley U-Briefs.png

Even better, what will the reaction be of the one that comes in that room and sees you laying there in wait. You the predator just reaching out for them with nothing but these briefs on. The lure of the moth to the flame.


Then there is the other side of that coin, them walking in to see you innocently laying there, even possibly asleep. Prey to the predator. Leave it to NOCHE to bring that allure back.

Riley U-Briefs Rearview

Available in a mixture of colors in the fatpack and fitted for Gianni and Jake bodies. It also comes with a hide hud. Get yours today!


Noche for Men by Danny0Ryan




Scott Hair by

Modulus by Chucky Hollak





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