What’s available @ SWANK?

69 Park Ave has managed to bring their usual class and style to everyone. Not just the boys in Slink, Signature and Belleza. They’ve made this one for men too. In four colors you can set up for any night out depending on who you are with. Or where you are going.

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To get this great look and accessorize you have Luminesse to thank with the Kyran or Merit rings or hell why not both? The charming rings can be worn on either hand. One is sporting a mother of pearl look. The other one is a lapis lazuli or what I like to call cobalt blue. I like things simple don’t you?

Let’s not forget that we need the room right? For every room there is that one piece you just can’t live without. Park Place makes sure we don’t forget any piece with their great textures and awesome designs. Anything from that retro photo or that pallette couch to the outdoor patio and firepit. There is plenty to see here and it’s all at Park Place during SWANK.

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Who doesn’t want a taste of summer? We all do right? Well Kaerri has made sure that we all have that place to go to to claim such solace. The air, the slow breeze and let’s not forget the plants and life that can be had here. The Kintsugi Patio gives us that opportunity to remember spring is just around the corner for some of us.

Let’s not forget our friend that loves to dress up or never dresses downs. There is a Rick Brocade available at Swank this month that comes in several colors, but I’ve chosen to give you just one. You will have to get down to SWANK to see the rest. This one was my favorite. Complete with huds and different furs I think you will like the touches and the detailed work that is put into this by Giz Seorn.

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All of these great items and more will be found at SWANK today, but not for long. Get down there today to make sure you get your set soon!


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