DUFAUX: Coveralls previously @ Man Cave

My apologies to Luca Dufaux this new year! Just a little clue, remember those good old days, or even the knew ones, when the smell of oil and metal filled your nostrils. Working on the car was where men would commiserate on the things important in life.

Coverall 2

Luca Dufaux has captured that moment for us all in a set of coveralls that can go from business to the bedroom as needed. Not to mention that it’s available in many colors as well as for many bodies.

Coverall 1

I’ve attempted to capture that moment for the rest of you and hope that you enjoy wearing the one piece outfit as much as I do. Added comfort and let’s talk about the convenience of it auto hiding your body for you! Thoughtful of you Luca Dufaux.

Now available on the Marketplace or In world so don’t forget to get yours today. Start the new year out prepared for anything.

By Luca Dufaux


Dufaux Flickr

Dufaux on FB


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