..::ILLI::.. Chest Harness @ TMJ Modulus @ TMD

We all have that side. The side that shares in our partner’s darkness. The deep recesses of their soul combined with your own. There are those of you that have submitted or have had someone’s submission so you understand. Let’s not forget the hair, it’s always about the hair right? You have to look good while doing this all too.

Harness 1.png

Thanks to Modulus we have a great hair by the name of Alex, available at TMD this round, remember it only lasts until the end of the month. This is your last reminder!

There is also the fun side, the one where you try new things. One new thing can be found at The Men Jail Event only until the end of this month, so your time is running out. Courtesy of ..::ILLI::.. We have the chest harness for all of these occasions and more.

Harness 2.png

With a clear HUD able to conform to the presets as well as any RGB color you can imagine, this chest harness is for you. you can look your best at being the pet of the one you love, or just the occasional photo op. Look your best and do it in the ..::ILLI::.. Chest Harness.

Modulus doesn’t fall behind in the HUD department either. Multiple colors with even tinting options to allow you to make your shade unique to just you!

Harness 3.png

The Men Jail Event






Modulus by Chucky Hollak





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