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It’s that time of year when the family gets together for that meal. Here at the Gracemount home, we wonder wha…who..what’s for dinner..

Care to join us and find out? Only the truly daring are invited…


Group pose 179 can be found at The Industrie Event.

There comes a time in every boy’s life when he knows he’s gone too far. Thanks to SenseS I was caught in that moment this week.

I am in trouble send help please?

Pose 174.png

Pose 174

XXX Event:

There are those times, when you have to choose. Or do you? I mean, we don’t always have to be good now do we?

There is nothing wrong with a little more, but there is always something wrong with a little too less.

SenseS 175.png

Pose 175

Men’s Only Monthly Ambiance Island/28/118/28


Thanks to SenseS we can capture the moment when we decide to stay at home and relax on the couch. Catching some Netflix or catching more..

There is nothing like the comfort of home, with someone you love and this pose brings us to that place.

Couples Pose 177.png

Group pose 177 can be found at The Industrie Event.

Pose 182.png

When you have that moment to pull her into your and think how much she should be cherished.

Take in her scent and the cool breeze of winter. Then, let her warm your heart and home.

Pose 182

Available at the Hipster Women Event:…

By Guilhermedandretti



Flickr group”>


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