A&D New Releases!!!

The latest releases at A&D are here for you. First off all, a great blazer, it’s named Wesley. For those of you that know me, that name has a special meaning, but we will save that for another time. Right now I just want you to concentrate on the cut and the textures that are offered to you.

Right here you can find a demo version for you to try out and see which color combinations you like or just be like me and grab them all! We all know that you have to be ready for anything.

Blazer Pants and Shoes 01.png

Next up we have the Leonard pants. They can go from a semi-casual to a quickly ruffian type of look and we all know being verse is what it’s all about right?

All you have to do to try them on is click right here! Come on who doesn’t need a good pair of battered jeans to go along with the mood of having a battering day at work!

Blazer Pants and Shoes 02.png

Lastly, but never the least, is the Milano shoes. They can go with any formal look, but here I’ve decided to put it in with my semi-casual outing look. Never know who’s going to like what you are wearing, but you can always show that classy side, while keeping it cool.


You can get your pair right here! Tap dance the night away, or dance into the dreams of your lover. There is nothing more divine than walking in a sleek pair of Italians, or having them wear you.

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Main Store:




FlicR Url:


FlicR Group:




eMail: contact@AD-Clothing.com

☞ Mesh friendly for classics, Slink, TMP, Signature and Adam
☞ Mesh 100% original
☞ Available Packs ➠ FatPack and 6 single color packs


☞ 14 Leather colors (8 exclusive for FatPack)
☞ 5 Sole colors
☞ 6 Buckle colors
☞ 16 Socks colors (10 exclusive Fatpack)
☞ Socks On/Off
☞ Materials enabled On/Off
☞ Access to social/media buttons: website, Facebook, Flickr, mail, etc

* Please, try the demo before purchase. Not for small avatars like kids or tiny shapes


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