A night out with LUXE Dot-Be

Looking for that outfit to take your partner out on the town for some hot to trot dancing.? How about, over to that ballroom you have been thinking about for a while, just haven’t managed to get there?

LBD Daewon B&G.png

Fear not, because LUXE  Dot-Be has you covered. In this great set called Daewon in blue and gold pictured here you will see that you can use it both with or without the matching fur stole.

LDB Daewon 01.png

There is always options with LUXE Dot-Be, so here we go with the Beau, because you never know. We all know you want to be that special guy to that special someone, well you can always show that side of you with or without the hat you see here.

LBD Beau BL.png

So you can take it semi-formal or just go with the hat and remind everyone of those good old days. Just remember you can never go wrong with a brand that creates with you in mind.

LDB Beau.png

Luxe Paris by Mika Palmyra and Parisan Skytower





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