Why me? .::ILLI::. and Dufaux

Why is it that I always seem to be able to put these two designers together is beyond me. You all know I like to do things one at a time, but this time I just couldn’t resist. Let’s get down to business right? First of all you all know that Fameshed is out and with that comes the cozy, just in time for the holidays, socks from Dufaux.

Dufaux Sox_005.png

As always Luca delivers to us an array of colors, but honestly I didn’t take it that far so that you can go discover for yourself, the many combinations that can be had. However, I did take it in the holiday spirit and color to match.

Dufaux Sox_001.png

Then for the second half of this post, we have .::ILLI::. also bringing in the warmth with this great versatile hoodie and just as you’d expect the quality from Luca Dufaux and Equitum go hand in and hand, or in this case hand and foot.

ILLI Hoodie_002.png

No matter if you wear the socks and the hoodie or just want to look cool in general, make sure to get down to Fameshed for the Socks and down to The Men’s Department for that great hoodie to match.

ILLI Hoodie_003.png

The Men’s Department


By Luca Dufaux
Luca Dufaux on FB
Dufaux Flickr
Dufaux on FB

By Equitum



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