Kraftwork for you!

Kraftwork has been a busy business this month and these are just some of the things you will get to see them creating for various events around the grid. Thanks to NODNOL for having me and giving me some of the best scenery to work with.

6th Republic
6th Republic

First we have Le Plateau Loft and you can see the design is impeccable and not to mention, the right mixture of old structure and new style loft. Not just can you find something like this in Europe, but you will find a lot of lofts like this in the US that are converted.

KraftWork Le Plateau Loft_011.png

The space is amazing, not to mention the devil in the details. I won’t fail to mention that this is going to be featured in an upcoming Magazine. Thanks to Reign Congrejo for asking me to work on the December Cover of BoSL because that is where you will get to see another shot done right here in this loft.

KraftWork Le Plateau Loft_010.png

I did mention that Kraftwork is busy all over right? Well they haven’t forgotten that men in Second Life shop too and we all need stuff for our man cave right? Well they created the perfect Murphy Bed that you can see I’ve fit into the loft nicely and we won’t mention how much of the naughty things come with it.

KraftWork Le Plateau Loft_008
The Man Cave Event

For those of you that aren’t into the naught, but are nice, don’t fret! There are cuddles in there just for you. When you are all done you can still have that open space by just putting the bed away!

KraftWork Le Plateau Loft_012.png

As always Kraftwork delivers only the best to the events nearest to you and your heart!

The 6th Republic Event

The Man Cave Event






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