Another Chapter by Dufaux and SenseS…

That’s right at Chapter Four we have another chapter from SenseS that shows us there is more than just romance at work on some nights. There is a little naughty that comes with so nice. Thanks to SenseS for helping us savor those naughty moments.

Pose 155
The Chapter Four

You always start the night out with a little sneak peek at the Man Cave. With Dufaux you are armed for a night of naughty…

Pose 159
The Chapter Four

Come a little closer…

Pose 159
The Man Cave

Once you have gotten that close, just remember to be as naughty as you want to be, but don’t forget those Dufaux Sporty Briefs help to make sure that naughty moment is unimpeded…

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(Pose 155 @ SenseS)
Don’t forget to end the night just right in a cosmopolitan way.. Cuddling by a nearby fire…

Pose 157
Pose 157 @ Cosmopolitan


The Chapter Four

The Man Cave

By Guilhermedandretti
Flickr group

By Luca Dufaux
Dufaux Flickr
Dufaux on FB



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