Let’s take a selfie.. SenseS

Ok, we’ve all heard the song, a little outplayed isn’t it? However, what we don’t have is a great selfie with the person we love or if we just are hanging and having a good time. You and your best friend, in this case my partner in crime; we will get to that. Senses can be found at just about every major Men’s event.

Let's Take a Selfie_003.png

: SenseS: Couple 145 This pose is on Cosmopolitan Event

Ever had those friends that always came out of a store running and never told you why? Well they just made you an accomplice to being a partner in their crimes. There you are standing clueless, here they come running up behind you and shoving you screaming for you to run with the biggest grins on their face. Gotta love those kinds of friends…

On the run....png

On the run..._006 (2).png

: SenseS: Friends 05

This pose is on Hipster Men

Then there is that intense moment, when you can gaze into one another’s eyes and know what the other is thinking without having to contemplate it. For those moments SenseS helps to illuminate that moment best.

Demons of  Feather.png

: SenseS: Couple 143

This pose is on The Darkness Event

If the events are over, never fear. SenseS is online and in world. The links are below…

Friends 05 was taken at Style Central Sim:


Style Central Sim

Cosmopolitan Event

Hipster Men

The Black Fair

By Guilhermedandretti




Flickr group


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