KraftWok U-Bahn Gacha @ INDUSTRIE

Us city folk have always had those moments. The hustle and bustle. The smells, some not so good. They are still moments. When we sit waiting on the train, sometimes contemplating life.

Kraftwork 2.png

Others, watching life as it unfolds. Lover’s reuniting. The look in their eyes, the emotions written clearly on their faces.


Then those when we wonder if the train will ever arrive for that friendly get together.

Kraftwork 1.png

Kraftwork has managed to capture each of those moods in the U-Bahn Gacha. Found at The Industrie Event. You can capture those moments too, Each piece is unique and dimensional. They also can be linked to make an entire subway scene! Don’t miss out on this great event and the many items that come along with this amazing gacha set up.

The Industrie Event

By NODNOL Jameson





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