Seven Emporium is at it again! @ The Thereafter Event

I’d like to thank Seven Emporium for always getting it right! In the following frames you will get to see the best additions to your sims or places to set up just for a photo opportunity. At the Thereafter Event you can find this great shipping container and the closer your get the more detail you will see.

Shipping Container_001.png

It’s great for photo shoots or maybe shipping off your enemies to a foreign country with no papers. Imagine them trying to get back? Yes, I’m evil, why not let your dark side show.

Shipping Container_002.png

Next up we have a couple of great decorating releases for the home or set. We have a spiral designed wall art for those that love to make psychedelic sets and the second is a fun loving design that will take many back tot he public roller rink they used to enjoy as a kid. Don’t forget that these can be found right at Seven Emporium with no fuss or muss!

Shipping Container_004.pngShipping Container_005.png

By Agustkov




Thereafter Event


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