Backpack Shirt by Dufaux @ M.o.M.

Everyone has tried it and we all know it’s true. How many times have you tried to get a backpack on? How many times and hours do we spend adjusting it so it doesn’t cut through as we walk or pose? Say no more! Luca Dufaux as always in his genius has thought of us all.

Backpack Shirt 0.png

Backpack Shirt.png

Who wants to spend hours fidgeting when we can just put on this great Backpack Shirt from Dufaux and be on about our business. Let’s also not forget to mention, it comes in several colors and styles.

Backpack Shirt 6.png

There is one part that is exclusive though. You have to be a part of the Dufaux – mesh boutique group to be able to change the color of the pack. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of an exclusive group that caters to needs of all men’s styles? Get yours at Men’s Only Monthly  today.

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Men’s Only Monthly

By Luca Dufaux


Dufaux Flickr

Dufaux on FB


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