DUFAUX: JogJeans and Pocket Tank & ..::ILLI::.. Jake Canvas Sneakers

I know, I know! I previously posted about these JogJeans, but can you blame me? They are still as comfortable as the day I bought them. Now it seems Luca has decided to add in a great pocket tank that is not only as comfortable, but you can also customize!

Tank Shot_001.png

Yes, you heard that right! You can put your own name or any name within reason on the pocket just so others can see. Who else gives you as much customization as Luca Dufaux, but then again, I’ve come to expect nothing less from him.


Available not just in customization, but also several different shades and prints for those of you that have your favorites.


As before you see me in the camo version of both, but let’s not forget that Luca creates these for most mesh bodies. My partner Mr. Gracemount has joined me in the garage for a cup of coffee sporting his own, in aesthetic.


So just as Luca keeps it flexible, so will I. See those shoes on the bottom? You can thank Equitum of ..::ILLI::.. for those. Another set that goes so well with this tank and T combo and not to mention the different colors of hardware as well as laces and prints.

These two creators can do nothing wrong in my book when it comes to pleasing just about everyone. Now get out there and be the eye candy for those that you want to impress with your casual styles.

Luca Dufaux on FB


Dufaux Flickr

Dufaux on FB

..::ILLI::.. By Equitum::..






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