Fameshed courtesy of Dufaux and Noche

Going out for a night with the boys and the a/c goes out, what are we do to other than to strip down as much as possible right? We did have a hella good game of pool going so we couldn’t just stop there. Noche and Dufaux made it easy for us to keep on playing.

Boys Night Out.png

Courtesy of NOCHE by Danny0Ryan we have the NOCHE. Crop-Tank in 3 styles for the price of one and array of colors to fit anyone’s style or mood. I’ll tell you it was a godsend to have one on this hot summer night.

Noche Crop-Tank and Dufaux JogJeans.png


You put the two of the pieces together and you are going to be hot to trot by anyone’s standards and be careful what you wish for. And for those of you that love your camo, there is a touch of that for you too tough guy.

Noche Crop-Tank and Dufaux Camo.png

So as you sit there pining away and thinking of what to do next on your boys night out. Remember that both NOCHE and Dufaux by Luca Dufaux, are the way to go. As you can see below the Dufaux JogJeans hug your body in all the right places.

Denim Shorts_002.png


These products are so well constructed, I am bringing them to you completely unedited as far as the photos are concerned. So you get exactly what you see, and isn’t it looking good?

Get your taste of the summer heat today at Fameshed!


Noche for Men by Danny0Ryan




By Luca Dufaux

Luca Dufaux on FB


Dufaux Flickr

Dufaux on FB



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