DUFAUX: Sweat Shorts @ Fameshed

Ever had that moment when you wanted to peek into the gym and see what the guys were doing when there are no girls around ladies or gents? Well Luca Dufaux makes that sneaking a peek worth it with these Sweat Shorts that you can now find at Fameshed.

Dufaux Sweatshorts 6.png

In a variety of colors or with the fatpack. You can open all new options to make sure that your workout is authentic to you and your needs in the gym. With the fatpack the strings, underwear, pockets, waistband and shorts themselves are able to be customized to your personality or mood of the day with a few simple clicks.

Dufaux Sweatshorts 2.png

Here we have Preston doing his hell best to keep up with all the others in the room by packing those punches to the sandbag, but he doesn’t have any sand in those shorts today. It’s all about the workout.

Dufaux Sweatshorts 3.png

I bet you haven’t been to Fameshed yet have you? I know you haven’t if you aren’t wearing the latest release by Dufaux. Get your workout on in the best in activewear only from Dufaux.

Dufaux Sweatshorts 4.png

Enough staring and get your own!

By Luca Dufaux

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