KraftWork: Burger Shack @ Knot & Co

This being my first blog for Kraftwork I’ll try to be brief. I’d like to thank Kraftwork’s NODNOL Jameson for adding to me to their blogger group. I appreciate the confidence that Nodnol has in my abilities to bring their items to you in the best light possible.

KW Burger Shack 1.png

Currently at Knot & Co, you will find the best burger shack you can put out on any beach in Second Life. Equipped fully with seating for those that want to lounge around, as well as a fully stocked kitchen, no one will be want for food or sun, not to mention it’s child friendly too!

KW Burger Shack 2.png

Don’t forget to bring the kids to build their sand castles on the sand and remember to clean up after you get your taste of delicious Kraftwork Burger Shack burgers! Surf, sun, sea is the best thing for everyone this summer, don’t forget to get yours. Knot & Co is waiting on your patronage (valid Jun.3rd to Sep.30th).

KW Burger Shack 3.pngKW Burger Shack 4.pngKW Burger Shack 5.png



Knot & Co

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Kraftwork creator NODNOL Jameson





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