Fabulous Faboo for you! @ Ultra and TMZ

I’d like to extend my thanks to Grizel Halberstadt for taking me on as a blogger for her brand Faboo. I have to say that she’s never made people at the beach look so good. Not only is she working day and night to make sure even the skimpiest of our clothes look good, she’s making them available to us all by participating both in Ultra and TMZ.

For an awesome special she’s even appealing to our patriotic side. So for those of you that want to show your patriotism this 4th of July at the beach, she’s gone and made us a choice of Bikini Briefs or Swim Shorts for men.

Jamaica Shorts USA Edition_002.png

Miami Bikini USA Edition_001.png

Exclusively at Ultra you will find:

The Miami Bikini which is just that extra oomph for those that want to turn heads and break hearts at the beach. Comes with a HUD for all those different flavors. Get a taste of sun and what’s to come this summer.

Miami Bikini_002 (2).png

Next up available exclusively at TMZ:

The men’s Jamaica Shorts again, with prints for those that like variety and are a little more modest with their beachwear. Just remember, there is a string that could be dangerous if tugged just the right way.

Jamaica Shorts_001.png


There is going to be a huge sale at Faboo this weekend in world. That means get down to the store at once. It’s the 6th anniversary sale and it’s 50% off. You can’t be that for what is the latest and greatest to hit the rack, or the beach. Faboo is located on the Style Central photogenic sim. So after you are done shopping, don’t forget to try your clothes on and take a few selfies for your friends! Sale is from this Monday to Friday.

faboo6th sale2.png


Designed by Grizel Halberstadt


In World Store


Faboo Storefront_001.png

All photos are raw so you see the true representation of the products and location. Style Central is the sim belonging to Danity Mynx, designed for those exclusively wishing to have a fabulous place to do photos, live or just shop.


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