DUFAUX: Jogger Shorts @ Fameshead

Yes folks, he’s back! Luca Dufaux has returned and he’s giving us the gifts that we love to get. Thanks to him we have those oh so short Jogger Shorts that bring all the boys and girls to the running trail and not just your yard… 

We can thank him and his brand Dufaux for always coming through where others fall short… Or shorts fall? *scratches his head* Available at Fameshead and what’s even better is that you can not just define your uniqueness with the color you choose, but also the 7 letters of print you can put into the shorts just simply by clicking them. Compatible with most mesh bodies.

Thank you to Luca for always thinking of us men! A special thank you to my partner, Mr. Gracemount for his participation in the shoot and also sharing his own photos with the world.

Mr Gracemount in Dufaux Jogger ShortsDufaux ShortsDufaux ShortsDufaux Shorts The EncounterDufaux Mr Gracemount

Luca Dufaux on FB


Dufaux Flickr

Dufaux on FB



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