Modulus @ the Hair Fair 2017

Modulus has come out with some amazing hair for us men. Yes, you heard it here first, just for men at the Hair Fair Modulus has not only done 3 new hairs for us, but they’ve included an amazing hairbase too!

First we have Jarek for those that like to slick their hair up and defy the laws of gravity and wind, this one is for you.

Jarek wJai Base.png

Next we have Brendan, which follows Jarek’s rule, but the difference is, that it gives you more of an every day look for that that like a little product, but a natural bit of flair.Brendan.png

Last but not least, is a style that is fit for the super slick. Jarek is all about being too cool for school! Just a few wisps that make you just want to touch it and slick it back down but god help if you actually do, the guy might be offended.

Let’s not forget to check out the Jai hair base by Modulus at the Hair Fair 2017! The photos that you see here are completely unedited except for the typical signature line, guys you know what I’m talking about.

Brendan_002 (2).png





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