ExMachina: Briefs an interlude

Yet again Egoisme thinks of us all. For Signature, Slink and even the new Belleza there is a new release that no one can deny will give them something to talk about. With both solids and prints to fit any mood, you will see that they can fit like a glove in all places that count.

It’s the first time he’d think to bring her home, he adjusted himself and smirked as he turned to her, away. Thinking, always thinking, as he thought about it more and more he started to slowly remove all of his clothes, except for his new EXHMACHINA briefs. He turned he winked, he toyed with her. He was the predator, but he’d let her believe she was for now.

Dual Shoot Center

Out of no where he reached for her, pulling her in gazing into her eyes. Her lace pressed against his flesh and there was no denying that he’d chosen well. Carrying her to the bed he lay her down, but over him so that he could toy with her clothing. Teasing was all he was about after all.

Dual Shoot.png

Dual Shoot 1.pngDual Shoot 2.png

When all was said and done, there was only one thing that came from it. They were a pair, unmatched and unfettered by the likes of propriety. Living life to it’s fullest. Being all that they were and embracing it, and each other. Forever bound.

Dual Shoot 3.pngDual Shoot 4.png

Aleutia Lingerie.png

A special thank you to my muse, Aealla Illyar for her participation. To Aleutia and Egoisme, thank you for the opportunity to share an inspiration to all.




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