New Releases: NOCHE and Spider Productions

The latest and greatest come together from two of my favorite creators. Thank you to both NOCHE and Spider Productions for doing something for us all to enjoy. I know I am doing things differently this time. Blogging two items together, but to be fair, I think the look they create combined is a powerful one.

The harness by NOCHE can be found right now at Men’s Only Monthly. The studded harness comes in many colors and can be used for all of your delights, dark or light.

The wings by Spider Productions are the Descendant Version. This too comes in an array of colors. They also come with glow and shine to give them that sleek look that only true birds can show, but Spider Carnot has created these so we can all fly as free as they!

Found at the Fantasy Fair ! Get a pair for you and yours today!

Harness MOM.png

Harness MOM 2.png

Harness MOM 4.png

Harness MOM 6.png

Noche for Men by Danny0Ryan



H.U.D. Features_Instructions 2.0.pngSP LOGO copy.png

Spider Productions by Spider Carnot



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