[Park Place]@ SWANK

Park Place, as always bringing the class to your home. This is just one of the sets in many colors that you can get that will fit right into your home decorating needs. I won’t show you all of the colors this time, you will have to head down to SWANK today to look at which set is the right one for you.

Deco Livingroom Set

[Park Place] Deco Set.png

Galena Dining Room Set

[Park Place] Galena Dining Room Set.png


Park Place Home

Park Place Home for Her

Park Place Home for Him

Thank you from Park Place Home Decor. We hope you are enjoying your new furniture and will come to the store often to find something that will fit in with your decorating style.

Park Place Home Decor has a large assortment of fine furniture that includes living room, bedroom, office/study, dining, and kitchen sets. There is also a nice selection of outdoor furniture for beach, deck, patio, or garden.

We also have original artwork and decorative accessories .


Item specifics:

The chairs are copyable – make as many as you like!!

ANIMATIONS: There are embedded animations in the chairs. Simply right click and select “sit” from the menu. To change the animations, left click once you are sitting to get a menu with the selections.

The animations can be repositioned to suit your individual avatar. Touch the chair – while you are sitting to access the menu and click the [adjust] button. **

The furniture is “experience” enabled for a smoother transition of props/attachments. The first time you enter an animation with an attachment programmed in, you will receive a menu asking for your permission to enable the experience for AVSitter. From that time on, you will automatically have any attachments go to the proper attachment point. If you prefer not to give permission for the “experience”, or if your parcel is not “experience” enabled, you will be asked for permission to attach each time.

** Only the owner can adjust the positions permanently using the “helper” button on the adjust menu to access the adjuster bars. All others will be able to adjust positions only for their own avatars.



A resizer script has been included for convenience. It’s a good idea to delete it (using the delete key on the menu) when you are satisfied with it. so that the menu doesn’t pop up when you are trying to access the animations. Please keep a copy of the original in your inventory in case you’d like to make changes.

If you resize it drastically, the animations may then have to be repositioned. See instructions above.

Please remember that the land impact for mesh objects is not static. If you resize a mesh, the land impact could change depending on how much you enlarge or shrink the object



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