For the cowboy or girl in all of us, RnR Swag has brought out the big guns. As you can see the amazing looks that you can come up with to be authentic in appearance and feel. The jeans and shirts are as details as they come. Styles for both men and women. Thanks for thinking of both sides of the equation RnR! Thank you to Aealla Illyar, Miss SL Ireland 2016 for posing with me for this shot.

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R&R Swag Co Designed by Tristin Bracken & Athayus Quan




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  1. There are many things I am crazy about in this photo Stav but two that I love the most are the shades of brown…so warm and subtle in the skins, the fur, the hair and the shirts but also the textures in the plaids and the fur. Very nice. Very realistic.

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    1. Stavaros says:

      Thank you so much for a wonderful compliment.


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