RnR SWAG Presents: Cogs

This is just in from RNR SWAG. Looking for that perfect outfit for Halloween or a Masquerade? RnR SWAG has the illusion just for all of you steamy lovers out there. The Cog Set is complete from head to toe. Including wings, Top Hat, Goggles, shoes and easily ready for wear in any size. Bring…

OTB! at Rock your Rack

For those of you looking to fill out that spare room that you don’t know what to do with in your home, OTB! has the perfect solution. This streamlined art set is great to fill that room with not just great looking furniture, but also furniture that can bring our imaginations to life. Go out…

The Edge Styling Bootcamp

Kattaca is the brainchild of Spanish Mario Ville and Carol Gamarra, who specialize in art directing shoots. They may not be the ones behind the lens, but everything that happens in front of it, has their stamp of uniqueness, be it fashion styling, putting some touches of digital art on it or otherworldly scenarios.

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