Bakaboo: Baka set at SWANK

I saw this outfit and I just had to have them all. Yes as a blogger, I get things for free, but the image that I see here is priceless. I want to personally thank Bakaboo for coming out with this Baka set for men. The colors are vibrant and I hope to see more like this going forward. The men of colors thanks you for the attention to detail the mixture of patterns and also the execution. The mesh is form fitting and seen here in the TMP but can be used with other bodies like Slink. Much love. I will be wearing these in the near future, look for it on the runway. Available May 7th at SWANK!

BakaBoo Baka Spring Pants and Vest.png

BakaBoo Baka 1.pngBakaboo Baka 2.pngBakaBoo Baka 3.png



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Roman Thomas says:

    Excelent how you describe Bakaboo, it´s true my favourite too!
    But Marilyn Monroe said:
    “I’m not interested in money, I just want to be wonderful.” and you ROck!


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