The Drax Files: An Encounter



Last week I was contacted by Sominel Edelman, the owner of Landscapes Unlimited. Found here on the Marketplace: or In World:

He was asking for my assistance with creating a video for Drax Files. Found here:

I’ve done business with Som, on several occasions. Sometimes having to have an issue resolved and he’s always been courteous and prompt in responding to my requests. Customer Service is my specialty in real life as well as marketing so that speaks volumes for what I expect in this department.

Drax on the other hand is quite the amicable character. He’s very hyper, and congenial still when doing what he does. In this particular case it was a feature of Som’s products on one of the sims that I’ve built.

Also for those of you viewing Drax’s files you can also support the filming by going to his Marketplace and purchasing a Drax Files ball cap, so that we may continue to receive more information and instructional videos going forward. Found here:  or if you are interested in other types of support for the Drax Files you can contact them via email

There is a whole new line of surrounds that Som is coming out with and I am excited to be able to purchase the new ones for a homestead that is coming up for me to build on.

All in all it was an exciting experience to work with the both of these men and also Eloiseblake who helped in the filming. I appreciate the time and effort that you both put into your work and allowing me and our sims to be a part in the filming.



Co-Owner of The Keys



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